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We are an at-cost service to help you DIY an amazing travel experience. Piece together Viator tours from around the world. Members save an additional 5% off Viator tours worldwide.

Viator tours

Save money on overpriced tours and expensive packages by booking individual Viator tours (the web’s #1 tour site!).

We will equip you with the ultimate travel tools! For free! And members get 5% off all Viator tours worldwide!

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Travel the world in style (and in some cases for free!). Get the inside scoop on maximizing miles and points. Book routes on the best planes with the best services. Put together the ultimate DIY travel plan with a little help from your very own personal travel concierge.

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Chat with a concierge on your app of choice or use our open-source chat app from anywhere! In a world of cluttered travel sites and corporate travel agencies, we provide a personal touch and a customized open-source experience! Try out our service for free or chat now in Traveler Town!


Get your own free dashboard. A beautiful uncluttered space, connected to your own domain. We curate travel info and deals customized just for you and put it on a simple dashboard. See it live and sign up to get your own. For free.

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Ever wondered what all the hype around open-source is about? Sign up for a Work Dojo and get the ultimate suite of apps and tools AT-COST. For less than $10/mo for a at-cost basic server you can equip yourself with the ultimate digital nomad toolkit!


We have dedicated chat rooms for every country of the world and 100’s of different professions. Our mission is to bring more people to free and open-source technology. From anywhere in the world, for anyone in the world.

off the beaten path

Some of the wonders of DIY travel!

Complete independence.

Closer to culture.

Chance encounters and spontaneous adventures.


Cost savings.

Our process

Sign up for our free service and you’ll get a personalized invite to a chat session with a travel concierge that can help you with many aspects of budget DIY travel, including:


We scout the best deals that will save you money and the coolest destinations that will knock your socks off!


We deliver you the best info in an easy-to-read format without ads or clutter. Knowing is half the battle!


We make sure you’re prepared and have the best tools prior to your trip.


Get peace of mind while away, because we’re just a click away!

Viator tours (members save an additional 5%!)

Viator tours (members save an additional 5%!)
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  • Australia & New Zealand (2)
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using Exclusively Open-source tech

We are a proud partner of Work Dojos: a free at-cost service whose mission is to bring more people and small businesses to free self-hosted open-source technology.

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Save money, ditch your dependency on Big Tech, and go far!

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