Subscribe to a travel agent or start your own travel business for one flat monthly fee.

You do You.

We help people self-host their own travel business in the cloud.
From tours to travel apps to live-streaming in-the-field. 'Host your own' and save money. Skip "SaaS" go "YaaS," and go far!
Embark on a collaborative digital experience with travelers, travel experts. Make your own travel teams and communicate in style.
$25/month. Cancel anytime.

We Simplify Digital Services for Travel Agents and Travelers

Your server, your data. Our flat monthly fee includes a virtual private server (VPS), a ".Live" website integrated with your own chat app, a discrete VOIP number from Twilio, all with server space left over for more.
We help put your own cloud server to work for you. Move into a self-hosted digital suite for you, your family, your business, or your brand.
Compare with per seat pricing for most "SaaS" companies. No "SaaS" I want "YaaS!"

Chat with Travel Agents

Our service helps travel agents connect to a wider digital audience. We provide digital tools for secure communications and one-on-one collaboration.
Affordable travel expertise on-demand. Imagine that. Integrated with apps people are most familiar (e-mail, SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc).
Get responses in real-time from a real travel agent. One-on-one, billed monthly, cancel anytime.