About Us

Backpackers, Digital nomads, and aspiring entrepreneurs

We’re a ragtag team representing a half a dozen different countries who all share the same passion for DIY travel on a shoestring budget.

We also love tech and have created a free service to help others reign in their technology. We help entrepreneurs around the world take the first step into open-source technology.

We believe the marriage of tech and travel go hand in hand! Please join us and explore the world together as a team!

Why choose us

We provide an at-cost service for those interested in DIY travel and taking amazing open-source technology together with you wherever you might go.

Deals on Viator tours

Put together the ultimate budget travel adventure using the #1 tour site in the world: Viator! Members save an additional 5% off all tours worldwide.

Flight and reward travel deals

We curate the best flight and reward deals without all the clutter of ads and sponsored content and put them on customized open-source dashboard.

At- cost service: Work Dojos

Being tech guys we have all the tools! Get support on your device and app of choice or use some amazing open-source tools that we’ve already pre-built for you. Work Dojos is an amazing entry point into the world of open-source technology.

Join our community startup

We have a growing community of digital nomads, bargain hunters, family vacationers, and more. Join our community in Traveler Town for free.

We’re recruiting volunteers and co-founders

Ever dream of joining a startup? We’re creating a platform that marries together open-source tech and travel. It’ll be a fun ride!