We support small business because we are a small business.

We believe in a future where Mom and Pop shops stand a chance. Where everyone has the freedom and the opportunity to do what they love. Where people have to work hard pursuing their dreams, but they get justly rewarded for it.

We are worried about centralization, consolidation, and the repression of free speech. We believe there should be limits to the amount of control large trillion dollar companies have over our digital lives, our data, and our privacy.

We hope that by equipping the Mom and Pop shops of the future with the technical wherewithal that they may lay a foundation upon which they too can build something awesome.

We hope that you will engage with us. That you will ask questions, try new things, and unleash your inner entrepreneur.

Open-source technology and managing your own server is about exploration. About discovering amazing building blocks that will allow you to build, ANYTHING!

It all starts with a dream, a dashboard, and a dojo.